Module used to deploy company strategy and goals to individuals and manage performance management process online.

All methodologies are suported and managed in one platform such as,

  • Goal based performance management
  • Competency based performance management
  • 360 degrees evaluation
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Project performance
  • 2&6 month – trial period performance management

With it’s flexible and parametric structure e-performance helps HR to implement and manage performance management processes fast and efficiently. Form design, content upload, workflow setup, weighting and scoring settings can be finalised within a day by it’s paremetric structure. Status reports can be tracked and followed up instantly and reminders can be easily sent through the system.

Together with helping to manage performance management processes online e-performance also helps HR departments to archive all performance related data which is crucial for historic corporate data. Employees and managers can easily view their current and past performance details and get standard or custom reports from the system.

Data used in many HR processes such as learning, career management, succession planning, development plans can be easily gathered and reported from e-performance by creating a form and ask employees and managers for feedback.


Nesrin Bayraktar

We see objective feedback as the key for development. That is why we choose to have a performance system that enables feedback from multiple sources in order to get more reliable data for feedback. We have been using 360 approach to evaluate competencies since 1996. However we realised that this was not enough for communicating company strategy with employees. We needed a system to deploy the strategy to each individual within the organisation by......

- Nesrin Bayraktar
Anel Holding

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