Core HR

Module which is used to define company and organisation structure, record detailed employee information, reporting and analytics. All employee matters are managed in Core module. Employee movements and organisational changes are recorded and historic data can be reported.
With standard reports such as organisational report, employee list, turnover report built in, flexible reporting module is provided for HR users to create specific reports.
Historical organisational data can be reported and managers can view their organisations based on the authorization.
Headcount plan and tracking can be managed and reported.

Self Service

Employees and managers,

  • Can view their and their direct report’s information and update information based on the authorization set by HR.
  • Can manage workflows such as time management, travel management, learning management etc..
  • Can request and download documents
  • View their payroll sheets
  • Can view their debit status

Self service module helps HR to communicate people and talent manegement processes with employees and line managers. HR professionals can spend their time on strategic issues by sharing the responsibility of people and talent related issues with employees and line managers and increase efficiency.


Module used to manage payroll and mandatory activities in line with local regulations. Payroll module is compeletely web based.

Payroll module with it’s flexible structure,

  • Calculate gross and net payroll.
  • Can run multiple payrolls by period for each employee.
  • Enables payroll professionals to define multiple compensation elements and allowances.
  • Can calculate seniority and termination payments.
  • Helps payroll professionals to transfer data to social security institution and banks.
  • Helps payroll professionals to track all government incentives with automatic updates.
  • Does all the reporting online.
  • Can be integrated  with all accounting applications
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party time management and point systems.


Module where training catalog is created and end to end learning process management is carried out. Training requests and planning are done by involving employees and line managers.

Learning modules helps HR to,

  • Create learning plans
  • Plan, manage and follow up trainings
  • Report training costs
  • Get built in and custom reports
  • İntegrate with e-learning applications

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