Comments of our customers about us.

Çiğdem Başık

We have been using TalentSys solution Inka – Human Resources Management System in Alternatifbank and our subsidiaries since 1995. As human resources professionals, we believe it is a must to leverage the advantages of latest technologies with adaptation and development capabilities aligned with our company strategy and coordinated with all departments. One of the most critical advantages of this is to to reach our employees in an accurate and timely way. In large organisations one of the most operational tasks are reaching employees at the same time and gather information in limited time. Today, the most efficient way to achieve this is to use technology which enables human resources professionals to analyse data more efficiently. TalentSys solutions help us to communicate with our employees in an efficient and timely manner. Especially Inka.Net application enables our employees and managers to reach their data any time they want. Inka.Net decreased our time and operational costs. Inka.Net is also found very easy to use across the bank which enables every employee in the organisation regardless of their level understand our HR policies. TalentSys with their experienced and capable team helps us to be one step ahead of the competition in terms of human resources management. We believe the long lasting relationship of ABank and TalentSys will continue and we thank TalentSys team for their partnership.

- Çiğdem Başık
Mehmet Kestane

We have been working with TalentSYs for the last two years. The pace in retail forced us to have an end to end human resources system with supporting applications for our talent management processes and we have met with TalentSys when we started to look for a solution. Both the core functions of the system and its parametric structure helped us to manage our human resources processes more efficiently and eased our job a lot in terms of Operations. TalentSys consultants and technical support staff have been working like a member of our team since the day we started working and helped us to solve all our system and process related issues. Besides admin users, end users also use the system and find it very easy to use. We would also like to thank TalentSys team on their feedback oriented approach and hope our partnership continues for a long time.

- Mehmet Kestane
Caribou Coffee Turkey
Münevver Eğricesu

We have been using e-Performance developed by TalentSys since 2008. TalentSys and e-Performance structure meets all the requirements we need for managing our performance management system and developing continuously with additional features and functionalities which helps us to manage our system efficiently. Solution oriented team in TalentSys and their consultancy are also invaluable for managing our system. We are glad to have TalentSys as a business partner and thank all team members for their continuous support.

- Münevver Eğricesu
Nesrin Bayraktar

We see objective feedback as the key for development. That is why we choose to have a performance system that enables feedback from multiple sources in order to get more reliable data for feedback. We have been using 360 approach to evaluate competencies since 1996. However we realised that this was not enough for communicating company strategy with employees. We needed a system to deploy the strategy to each individual within the organisation by setting targets that are linked to company strategy. This is one of the challenges of project based operating models and organisations in our sector. Each project has different timelines, teams, rotation needs so standardise the annual performance review cycle was impossible. We met with TalentSys in 2009 when we decided to implement a target based performance system and we have been using e-performance since then with extra functionalities every year. We review and develop our performance system in order to serve for our changing business needs. Change is a key element in our culture and we see TalentSys as a business partner that can effectively respond to changes in our organisation and system.

- Nesrin Bayraktar
Anel Holding